Tiraspol Bakery is a resident of the project “Buy Transnistrian!”

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CJSC “Tiraspol Bakery” in Transnistria is the leader of the bakery industry, the leading producer of bakery and confectionery products in the Republic.

To date, the “Tiraspol Bakery” produces more than 50 types of bread daily, of which more than 20 species are in rye. More than 50 types of bakery and steamed products, swing, loaves, 15 kinds of biscuits, bagels, carrots, doughnuts, gingerbreadss, muffins and muffins, waffles, dried, drying, chopsticks, bagels, more than 50 kinds of cakes, rolls, pies, cakes, more than 200 types of custom Cake, as well as soft and low drinks.

More than 60 units of the “Tiraspol Bakery” were awarded “Best product” diplomas in the Republican competitions “Transnistrian quality”, as well as in international examinations of the quality of bread and bakery products, “innovations and traditions”, Held in Moscow.

We’re working for you!

Today there are 653 people working on the Tiraspol bakery, many of whom have devoted most of their lives to the cause of bread.

Faithful to the traditions of baking art, compliance with the original prescription and the unwavering commitment of the workers to their lives, help to maintain the quality of the products and image of the Tiraspol Bakery at the highest level and the bold Innovative ideas help to continuously expand the range of products produced and to meet the purchasing needs of the Transnistrian population.


Our products are known and loved! We have long and stubbornly gone to what we have to date. The Tiraspol Bakery was founded in 1934 as a small bakery. In 1945, Bakery № 1 worked as a group of 150 people able to bake up to 45 tons of bread a day.

But it was not sufficient for the growing population of the city, and in 1952 a decision was taken to build another bakery, followed in 1956 by the Tiraspol Industrial map of Bakery No. 2. With a view to mechanizing production, improving the quality of output in 1959, Bakery № 2 was reconstructed and equipped with a new technique: three lines and four furnaces, and slightly later in 1967, for the first time in Tiraspol at Bakery No. 2 A confectionery shop has been put into operation to allow the production of up to 300 tons of confectionery products per year.

The Second Life of the Enterprise began in 2005, when the “Tiraspol Bakery” became part of the sheriff’s holding. This was another milestone in its history.

The investor was invested with about 10 million dollars in the modernization and further development of the production, and six up-to-date bread lines were purchased and mounted, in which heavy manual labour was almost eliminated.

Bakery № 3 in 2005-2006 was completely realigned to produce potable water, low and soft drinks. We have advanced technological developments, multi-stage quality system, professional organization of service and maintenance, continuity of supply, clear compliance with contractual obligations-business drivers.

Above all, the merits of our bakery are recognized by the inhabitants of Transnistria, who every day make a positive choice in favour of our products. We appreciate your trust! We will continue to try to match the high level and justify your expectations.