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On October 11-12, 2018 Tiraspol will host VI Pridnestrovian International Investment Economic Forum. The main venue will be the Republic Palace.

VI Pridnestrovian International Investment Economic Forum is a unique event for the business community of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Forum is aimed at intensifying investment activities, attracting foreign investors to the national economy, demonstrating the investment advantages of Pridnestrovie, expanding business activity, enhancing interaction between government, society and business.

Forum welcomes international organizations, foreign investment companies, bank institutions, representatives of foreign authorities and diplomatic missions, foreign and Pridnestrovian economic agents, entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce and industry, international experts and thought leaders.

Unique advantages of VI Pridnestrovian International Investment Economic Forum:

  • effective platform for business communications: meetings with colleagues, partners, experts, business leaders, scientists and artists, journalists;
  • exchange of experience: demonstration and development of business opportunities, shaping new trends, information on the latest technologies;
  • conversations that change the view: meetings with high-ranking Pridnestrovians and foreign guests, identification, analysis and popularization of the main issues and trends affecting the development of Pridnestrovie;
  • media promotion: mass media coverage of the Forum events;
  • entertainment events: more opportunities for informal communication;
  • investment consulting and assistance in the development of business projects.

Forum History

Pridnestrovie hosts investment forums since 2009. Since 2016 forums are held annually under the patronage of the Government of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Over the past years, forums took a leading place as a platform for communications between business community, public sector, foreign partners, and government of Pridnestrovie.

Forums are mainly aimed at presenting the economic and the investment potential of Pridnestrovie, demonstrating promising opportunities for investing in the development of the Pridnestrovian economy, a wide dialogue between business and government representatives on the prospects for development, as well as at shaping an attractive investment image of Pridnestrovie.





– 34 reports at the plenary session and at the 5 discussion platforms;

– 800 participants;

– 43 foreign companies from 17 countries : Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Abkhazia, Italy, France, Great Britain, the USA, the Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary.

  • 4-5 June, 2009  — I Transnistrian Investment Forum: 

–  92 investment projects (total sum $ 670 mln.);

–  450 participants;

– 50 foreign companies from 13 countries took part in the Forum

  • 16-17 September, 2010— II Transnistrian Investment Forum:

–  96 investment projects (total sum $ 700 mln.);

–  600 participants;

– 70 foreign companies from 18 countries took part in the Forum

  • 6-7 June, 2014 – III Transnistrian Investment Forum: 

– 105 investment projects

 – 500 participants;

– 82 foreign companies from 29 countries took part in the Forum

3 collaboration agreements were signed: between European Business Association  and CCI of Pridnestrovie, between CCI France-Moldova and CCI of Pridnestrovie, between State Administration  of Tiraspol and Dnestrovsk and Municipal Government of Batli.

2 agreements  and 16 agreements of intent about investment projects realization (total sum $ 42 mln.);

2 agreements about realization of investment projects were signed during preparation of the Forum. Investment sum – about $ 42 mln.

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