Procedure of joining

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Necessary documents

  • To fill in application form (per sample)
  • To fill in questionnaire  (per sample)
  • To attach copies of companies regulations, registration certificate
  • Full package should be submitted to organizational and Business Support Department


Council of the CCI of Pridnestrovie reviews document package and makes a decision on admission of a company as a members.

Every member receives Member Certificate.

CCI of Pridnestrovie Member Certificate (sample)

Сертификат члена ТПП ПМР



Members of the CCI of Pridnestrovie get discounts or all paid services.

If  you would like to become a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pridnestrovie,

please contact us: +373 533 83040 (Eng),

+373 533 53948 (Rus).