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  • Collecting of documents  for official registration of legal entities, private entrepreneurs, farms
  • Creation of draft contracts,  protocols of disagreement
  • Drawing up complaints, letters of complaints, cassational appeal, etc.
  • Consulting on HR questions, preparation and expertise of HR records.
  • Drawing up foreign economic contract
  • Drawing up complaints for debt collection

Prices for the abovementioned services are not fixed and could be changed according to client’s demand, aspects and types of activity of a company.

Members of the CCI of Pridnestrovie get 20% discount.

Court of referees of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pridnestrovie was created for settlement of disputes.

Court of referees is independent court which acts in accordance with legislation of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Legal entities and citizens conducting entrepreneurial activities have a right to turn to the Court of referees.

Dispute settlement is possible after the agreement of all three parties represented by referees’ agreement. Referees agreement should be in written form and included into a contract or another document, which is signed by parties, by correspondence, telegraph, teletype, or by other means of e-communication.

Court of referees is formed by three referees for settlement of disputes in case of disagreement of the parties about case review by one referee.

Final settlement of the Court of referees should be execute free willingly within the prescribed order and time limit.

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