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4[1]From ancient times Pridnestrovie fulfilled near-border functions and was a habitat of different ethnic groups, languages and cultures.

Here we represent key historical events of great importance for the region in chronological order:

• End of 2nd century AD – conquest and unification of different ethnic people of the Black Sea region by Goths. Creation of two early class societies, border between which was Dniester River

• 375 – invasion of Huns and defeat of Germanic barbaric empires in North Black Sea region

• 6th century – start of land invasion by Slavic tribes.

• Middle of 10th century – Pridnestrovie became part of Kievan Rus 1[1]

• From 13th century till 14th century – lands were integrated to Golden Horde

• 60-s of 14th century – freeing of the left bank of the Dniester river and its integration to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

• 80-s of 14th century – creation of Moldavian Principality at the territory of Eastern Carpathian region of the Dniester River, which became a borderline between Lithuanian-Russian state and Moldavian Principality.

5[2]• Middle of 15th century – land grab by Crimean Tatars of Dniester-Bug lands and killing of Slavic people converted the territory into Tataric desert.

• 1569  – after the unification of Poland and Lithuania the left bank of the Dniester River allotted Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

• 1793 – during the second division of Poland this territory become Russian. Two years earlier south part of Dniester-Bug lands was annexed to Russian Empire

• End of 18th century – beginning of XIX century – active migration of different nationalities representatives from counties of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and formation of two districts – Kherson and Podolsk counties

2[1]• After 1917  – right bank of the Dniester river to the Prut river was occupied by Romanian Kingdom during civil war. The Dniester river became temporary borderline between USSR and Romania.

1924  – Left bank Pridnestrovie gained status as Moldavian SSR as a part of Ukrainian SSR.

• 1940 – USSR and Bessarabia reunion, creation of Moldavian SSR which was allotted by parts of exMASSR districts. Moldavian SSR as a part of USSR existed for 50 years till June, 1990, when Parliament of Moldova declared self-liquidation of Moldavian state.

• 2.09.1990 – Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic was declared as a new state at the territory of the left bank of the Dniester river.