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Conformity assessment  of the terms of a contract including certificate of defect

Independent expertise of goods is necessary for defect identification. Expertise includes:

  • vehicles expertise,
  • package expertise,
  • quality expertise,
  • sampling for laboratory assessment.

Expertise for the customs purposes

This type of expertise includes following:

  • definition of goods code
  • processed goods volume determination

Expertise for entrepreneurs

Quality expertise of used goods  (with defects identification) in accordance with requirements.

Expert report can be used as an official document at court.

Vehicle engine volume expertise

Vehicle volume expertise is made according to the technical documentation (technical passport, invoice) with the use of VIN-codes catalogues, e-catalogues.

Origin certificate

  • Origin certificate form CT-1 (in Russian) for the goods  exported to the CIS countries.  This certificate releases the importer from taxes.
  • Origin certificate (general form in English)
  • Origin certificate (general form in Russian)
  • Experts reports on goods origin
  • Experts reports on domestic produces identification

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