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Pridnestrovie – is developed industrialized country

Manufacturing industry plays the key role in formation of micro economy, development of agricultural sector is of great importance too. The Republic has multi-industrial economy and leaders are  electric-power industry, iron industry, engineering and metalworking industry, electrical, chemical, light and food industries, forestry and woodworking industry, printing and building materials industries.

Moldavian GRES and Dubossary GES are the basis of the republic power economy. Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic provides itself  with electric power by own power plants and exports electric power to CIS and non-CIS countries. East and South-East power systems are represented by cable nets, aerials power lines, cable lines of different capacity and length.

Manufacturing industry of the PMR includes 144 enterprises of different types of ownership. The largest industrial centers are Tiraspol, Bendery and Rybnitsa.

During 2015 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Pridnestrovie (at current prices) is 9 653,3 mln. rubles or 869,7 mln. USD.

Volume of produced products for 2015, in respect to production volume of small business entities and of industrial units of non-industrial enterprises, is 9 067,5 mln. rubles or 84,3% of 2014 level.

In dollar terms production volume is 816,9 mln. USD.

Agricultural sector of the PMR unites agriculture, agricultural processing, specialized infrastructure: transportation, storage, wholesale and retail sales, etc.

In general, agricultural sector supplies the needs of food products and ensures republic independence on outside supply.


Agricultural gross output volume across all categories during 2015 is 2 037,1 mln. rubles (at current prices), what is 9,2% less than the previous year.

Pridnestrovian economy is characterized by high level of transparency. Over 90% of produced goods are exported. Need of fuel-energy recourses and of raw materials are satisfied by import.

Foreign trade of the PMR in 2015 is 1 749,4 mln. USD, including export 611,1 mln. USD, import – 1 138,3 mln.USD.

Export: electrical products, automation tools, metals, electric power, textile, shoes, fresh fruits and vegetables, oilseeds, building materials – gravel, limestone, cement.

Import: primary energy sources, mineral fertilizers, agricultural machinery, paper, automobile and railway transport, consumer electronics and computers, cotton raw materials, industrial wood, consumer goods.

Foreign economic relations at the republican level experience difficulties because of unrecognized status ‘de jure’. That is the reason why agreements made directly between enterprises are very important. Types of foreign trade activities: trade, creation of joint venture companies, concluding interregional economic contracts, technical documents exchange.

Foreign economic relations of Pridnestrovie include 82 countries – CIS and non-CIS countries.

Russian Federation plays very important role in foreign economic relations of Pridnestrovie. After Dissolution of the Soviet Union till present Russia is the leading partner of Pridnestrovie in foreign economic relations. Russia keeps leading positions in export-import positions. Primarily these are energy sources supplies in Pridnestrovie. Natural gas supplies from Russia play the key role in the development of Pridnestrovie.

Automobile transport is the main type of transport in Pridnestrovie. However, trolleybus is the main type of transport in Tiraspol and Bendery. The Dniester River is navigable but it is not widely used. There is also a railroad which is partially electrified.

Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic had developed industrial sector. The PMR is located at the crossing of trade routes to the Western Europe. All of this makes the region attractive to foreign investors.

Investments in fixed capital volume in 2015 is 1 660,5 mln. rubles or 78,7% to 2014 level.