What kind of new products did our producers bring to the attention of Tiraspol people?

In 2019 the “Buy Pridnestrovian!” project formed the basis of the state targeted program for entrepreneurship and business support in Pridnesrtovie. One of the goals the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has set is to expand the range of local products in the domestic market, as well as to popularize and promote new products.

Manufacturers will mark their new products with this sign in the framework of the “Buy Pridnestrovian!” exhibition fairs held by the Chamber.

On May 26 the bright color of the index of speciality attracted the attention of citizens and guests of the capital who came to “Pobeda” Park to the stands of more than 30 enterprises.

What kind of new products did our producers bring to the attention of Tiraspol people?

Consumer industry enterprises such as “Vestra”, ”Intercenter Lux”, “Odema”, “Tirotex”, “Garment factory of Rybnitsa”, “Kalita”, “Tigina”, “Floare” traditionally presented new spring and summer collections of their products: shirts and dresses, sundresses and jackets, summer sneakers from textiles and perforated leather, moccasins and flats, bed sets and pillows.

They tried to please customers with a variety of bakery products “Tiraspol Bakery” and “Bendery Bread.”  It was the “Aristocrat” cake, “Maritsa” cakes with cottage cheese and dill and “Azhurniy” cake with apricot filling, “April” bread and “Smuglyanka” cookies (Tiraspol Bakery), and “Arbuzny” watermalon bread, “Kukuruzny” maize bread , “Naples” cupcake, and a set  of sweets “Day and Night” (Bendery Bread).

“Family Land” and “Sonata” bakeries like the well-known cafe “Mafia” are constantly working to expand their product range trying to please  customers’ delicate taste.

“Blagoda” plant and “Tiraspol Dairy Plant” expanded the selection of fermented milk products. At food function an individual entrepreneur Igor Kharchenko offered craft cheese of its own production which recently appeared on the capital market.

As usual “Blagoda” “Cardi” and “Nasha Marka” factories pleased consumers with the abundance of new sausages and meat products.

This year “Rilla” company in addition to the usual rich assortment of fish products presented a new hot-smoked product to the downstream market: horse mackerel perch and garfish.

Masters of alcohol production presented a new line of wines and liqueurs: Gourmet Wine by “Kvint”, bitter tinctures of hawthorn and thorns from the “Bouquet of Moldova” company. “Bendery Brewery” offered visitors low-alcohol drinks Rum-Cola and Feijoa.

Visitors of the exhibition got acquainted with the  waste wood recycling products offered by a non-commercial partnership “Energotechoholod” – these are wood concrete, construction materials and various types of  wood chips that can be used both for smoking and for decorating recreation areas.

Novelties in the non-food product group were presented by “Electromash” (solar water heating system, improved hydraulic jack press, folding stainless steel brazier, sports equipment), “Vek” (assorted metal strips ,  60*60 shaped tube, 76 mm  metal pipe), “Eurodesign” (square drainage system (a budget choice), corrugated deck with a profile height of 60mm for technical facilities).

There were over 150 newly presented products at the fair.

All these products were available for customers to touch with hands, try it on, ask the price and BUY!

These and many other products will be presented at the next events of the “Buy Pridnestrovian!” project.  Follow the announcements on our website and in social networks. The entire list of events by reference.