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Official website of the President of the PMR
Supreme Council of the PMR 
Government of the PMR
Public Prosecution Office of the PMR
Ministry of the Economy Development of the PMR
Ministry of Finance of the PMR
Ministry of Justice of the PMR
Ministry of Defense of the PMR
Ministry of Internal Affairs of the PMR
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR
Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the PMR
Ministry of Public Health and social Protection of the PMR
Ministry of Education of the PMR
Ministry for State Security of the PMR 
State communication, information and mass media service of the PMR
State Customs Committee  of the PMR
State Pension Fund of the PMR 
State Social Insurance Fund of the PMR
State Transport Service and Road System of the PMR
State Reserve Fund of the PMR
Ombudsman of the PMR
Arbitral Tribunal of the PMR
Supreme Court of the PMR
Constitutional court of the PMR
State Traffic Patrol Department of the PMR
Central Election Committee of the PMR
Tiraspol and Dnestrovsk State Administration 
Bendery State Administration
Grigoriopol and Grigoriopol district State Administration 
Dubossary and Dubossary district state Administration
Rybnitsa and Rybnitsa district State Administration 
Kamenka and Kamenka district State Administration 
Pridnestrovian Republican Bank
CJSC “Pridnestroiskii sberbank” 
CJSC “Tiraspromstroybank” 
CJSC “Agroprombank” 
OJSC “Eximbank” 
CJSC “Ipotechii” 

CJSC “Bank of Agricultural Development”