The fifth exhibition “Buy Pridnestrovian” was held in Kamenka

The fifth exhibition “Buy Pridnestrovian”  has passed already. This time the producers from all over Pridnestrovian visited city Kamenka.

On August 27, on the eve of the day of the city of Kamenka, on the central square 43 participants, including large companies and individual entrepreneurs, presented Kamenka their best products.

These are products of beekeeping and viticulture, vegetables, fruits, fish and meat products, bakery products, building materials, furniture, goods of folk craftsmen and, of course, clothing and footwear. There are about 2 thousand items.

All visitors noted that this is the largest fair in a long time, and expressed hope that it will become traditional.

Each company accumulate a queue, and the most popular, in addition to vegetables and fruits, were expositions with fish products, textiles, clothing and footwear-they had the largest number of buyers. And, first of all, it is because in Kamenka area of this quality local production practically is not present.

The main task of a series of fairs, as always the project “Buy Pridnestrovian”  to support local manufacturers, bring them closer to the buyers, so that in any corner of Pridnestrovie knew what we are produced.

All the participants of the exhibition received letters of appreciation on behalf of the Chamber of Commerceand Industry of Pridnestrovie  and administration of Kamenka , and 15 producers, who already took part in the exhibition-Fair for the fifth time, were awarded with commemorative coins with the emblem of the city Kamenka.