JSC “Floare” — resident project “Buy Pridnestrovian”

Покупай Приднестровское

Website: www.floare.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/floarebendery

JSC “Floare” represents the brands “Floare” and “Floti” in internal and external markets.

floareNowadays JSC “Floare” produces textiles, combined, leather, waterproof and quiltshoe injection of the sole fixing method on foamed polivinilhloride (PVC) and Polyurethane (PU) and glued shoes with high quality Leather products.

JSC “Floare” is equipped with modern high-performance equipment for the production of Germany, Italy, the United States of America and the Czech Republic. Skilled personnel and the current level of modelling make it possible to produce footwear of any category of difficulty using different materials. Men’s, women’s and children’s shoes are designed for all age groups and have a wide range of uses: Home and outdoor, work and leisure.

SC “Floare” is the largest shoe factory, which is located in the city of Bendery, Republic of Moldova, was established on the basis of the 1974 Agreement between the USSR and East Germany on cooperation in organizing the production of moulded footwear with textile uppers and soles on foamed polivinilhloride. Birthday of the company is December 4, 1975 considered factory of the year, when the company strayed away from the pipeline, the first pair of shoes.

Our production is equipped with the quality equipment of such well-known stamps as “Albeko”, “Schön”, “Atom”, “Pfaff”, “Strobel”, “Sandt”, “Desma”, “TSM”, “Simonetti”, “Comelz”, “Teseo” and others.

We regularly update our assortment, our technology and our equipment.

In 2013 we made rebrending, and all our glued shoes are under the trademark “Floti”.

The natural materials we use for the top and bottom-up, combined with a glued footing method, professional production on modern high-productivity equipment, continuous updating of assortment, wide The range of shoes from home and cozy to elegant boots makes our shoes recognizable and popular in both local and world markets.