News of CCI member Enterprises: support measures for Kamenka canning plant

The activity of the Kamenka canning plant is the central theme of the meeting with Prime Minister Alexander Martynov.

Director of the company Ruslan Spatar told about the results of the work of the Kamenka canning plant for the current year. During the period January-November the volume of production in natural terms grew by 193% compared to last year, it is 4 856 thousand conventional cans. And if we consider the position “apple juice concentrated”, the growth was 7 869 thousand conventional cans.

Ruslan Spatar told, that the company planned to produce more products. In particular, the deterioration of weather conditions in April this year prevented the plans. Thus, out of the estimated 10,000 tons of apples, only 2,000 tonnes were received for processing. Fruits were allowed to produce Apple concentrated juice, which was realized “from the wheels”.

“Today we have produced products for 25 million rubles, of which about 18 million have been realized, “Ruslan Spatar reported.

2018 the company plans to increase production volumes by 75%. By the way, mainly the production of the plant is realized in the domestic market. About 46% of the goods are in the budget sector.

Alexander Martynov was interested in the situation with the markets in the Republic. The following types of products are nominated for the tender: zucchini caviar, tomato paste, apple juice. According to Ruslan Spatar, the company has won a tender in Dubossary and Slobodzia for various positions. In his opinion, the auction plant lost because of the high price per unit of goods in comparison with other enterprises participating in tenders.

According to Alexander Martynov, it is necessary to support the local manufacturer. However, the Kamenka canning plant needs to “show flexibility in tenders.”

“It may happen that you have a sum of losses as a result of the fact that you have lost volume, will be more, than the sum of losses if you have taken these volumes. Because, even the minimum margin yield per unit is better than its absence, “the Prime Minister explained.

According to Alexander Martynov, next year it is necessary to increase the production capacity of the CCH taking into account the needs of all State institutions.

The head of the government gave a number of instructions to support the stone canning plant next year.

The composition of the plant’s directors will be changed by the end of the year. It is temporarily headed by Sergey Obolonik. The Prime Minister set tasks for the new Board of Directors – Development of Business plan and plans for export of products for the coming year, as well as formation of the company’s management.