Intercentr Lux is a resident of the project “Buy Transnistrian!”

Покупай Приднестровское


On the basis of the many years of European experience in technology and design, the company Intercentr Lux is producing the most sophisticated fashionable male and female garments, including the use of a natural break from Italy. In doing so, the firm works both on furnished raw materials and on its own to invest in the purchase of all the necessary tissues, materials, fixtures, the natural leg and the supply of its own manufactured goods to any point in the world.ITTSLyuks

Intercentr Lux specialized in the production of men’s and women’s garments:

  • down of different types of complexity and padding a pooh;
  • Coat, capes and jackets from modern tissue types;
  • Dresses, suits, skirts, trousers, petticoats;
  • Top winter and summer uniforms for police, uniforms, etc.

Our company has been operating since 1992, in the 25 years of Intercentr Lux, has grown from a small garment factory to two factories overall more than 22000 metre with a size Employed by more than 800 people and turnover of 300 000 units per year.