Czech entrepreneurs interested in business partners from Pridnestrovie

On October 18, delegation of Czech diplomats and entrepreneurs visited the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pridnestrovie. The delegation was headed by the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the Republic of Moldova Zdenek Kreichi.

The delegation was represented by Stanislav Srnka – representative of an international marketing company interested in studying Pridnestrovian export potential in general and searching for suppliers of sparkling wines for a chain of restaurants in the Czech Republic, in particular; Tomas Eliash works in the meat and meat processing sector, his area of ​​interest is the export / import of products of this industry; Irji Zhenati is engaged in food trade and is interested in expanding contacts with suppliers from Pridnestrovie.

Guests were interested in the logistics aspects of trade, peculiarities in the organization of exports from Pridnestrovie. Also representatives of Czech business were told about the advantages of investing in the Pridnestrovian agricultural and processing industry.

After visiting the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the delegation went to CJSC “KVINT” and LLC “Aquatir” to see the possibilities of Pridnestrovian exporters personally.