The “Electromash” factory is working on a large order for the Russian “Uralmashzavod”

The Tiraspol factory “Electromash” is currently working on a large order for one of the largest enterprises in Russia – “Uralmashzavod”. This Russian company creates high-performance equipment for metallurgy, energy, and mining industries.

According to Electromash’s website, two large-sized synchronous electric motors SDMZ-1250-36-6 already left for the customer at the end of January. In February, “Uralmashzavod” will receive another similar machine from the Tiraspol-based company.

Each motor weighs about 18 tons, is 3 m high and 3.6 m wide. Its power is 1250 kW, it has 36 poles, the nominal voltage is 6000 V. The output shaft speed is 167 rpm.

Large machines of this type were manufactured at the Tiraspol enterprise for the first time in a closed design. They are fully protected against dust and moisture ingress.

Thanks to the fact that Electromash has mastered the production of large synchronous electric motors of large dimensions, 11 electric motors weighing up to 30 tons and with a capacity of 900-2000 kW have been delivered to customers since 2020. This year, the plant expects to produce at least 10 similarly sized machines.

In the future, “Electromash” intends to master the production of electric motors weighing up to 200 tons.