A series of business breakfasts for entrepreneurs continues

A series of business breakfasts “Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship and Taxation System” organized by the Business School of the Chamber of Commerce of Pridnesrovie continues.

Another event was held on May 30 within the town of Bender.

Representatives of the following enterprises became listeners of the business breakfast: LLC Provizor.com, State Unitary Enterprise Printing Establishment Polygraphist from Bendery, Pridnestrovian Agrosnab PLC.

The business breakfast covered contemporary topics:

  •  choosing a form of doing business from an individual entrepreneurial patent to a LLC;
  • taxation systems;
  • special tax regime;
  • general taxation system,  legal entities and individual entrepreneurs interaction features and others.

It is worth noting that this event was highly productive for many participants. The listeners had the opportunity to ask coaches questions relating on their business activities:

  1. On the availability and procedure for granting privileges when registering a patent or certifying a self-employed.
  2. On the amounts and procedure of tax payment under various entrepreneur tax systems.
  3. On the possibility of the simultaneous use of preferential tax regimes by an entrepreneur: patent and simplified taxation systems.
  4. On the use of online cash registers in the transition period until July 1; on the online cash register purchase order and the models that will be presented on the Pridnestrovian market; on the possibility of  partial or full cost reimbursement of purchased online cash registers.
  5. On the inspection procedure for entrepreneurs in the transition period.
  6. On the list of documents required for entrepreneurs when executing various types of contracts with a legal entity.
  7. Questions on the various approaches of the district State Tax Service (STS) when applying for a patent (some tax inspectorates indicate types of activity and tax regime in the patent, others indicate only tax regime without specifying the types of activities of the entrepreneur).

Experienced business trainers answered all the questions asked by listeners.

The next business meeting will take place on June 11 in Dubasari and Rybnitsa. You are welcome!