The first training entitled “Retail sales with a Pridnestrovian accent” took place!

Yesterday, May 21, for the first time within project “Buy Pridnestrovian!” a training entitled “Retail sales with a Pridnestrovian accent” was held.

The audience included sales managers, members of marketing departments, store managers and sellers of companies such as Kvint”, Tiraspol Bakery complex, Biscuit shop, Protyagaylovskiye Sausages, Tiraet, Sterling, Baltasar, etc., as well as individual entrepreneurs.

The training was hosted by Olesya Gerasimova, a business coach with 8 years of experience in sales techniques trainings and her own long experience in retail. The difference between this training and many others with similar topics was that sales methods that were targeted specifically to the Transnistrians – for you and me – were constantly being developed. In addition, the trainer repeatedly emphasized the importance of promoting high-quality domestic products. Indeed, this is what forms the well-being of the republic. Buying Pridnestrovian is profitable and patriotic! During the training the entire theoretical part was confirmed by practical examples. Besides the methodological material the trainer used video clips for a better perception of information. The main emphasis was on developing the skills of confident interaction with the client and on learning the secrets of effective sales taking into account the needs of the client.

During the group assignments students imitated various situations that they often face themselves but cannot always behave correctly. At the same time, it was precisely the most difficult situations of their activities that were examined including objections handling, discontent etc.

It is worth pointing out the alertness and activity of all participants in the training – their extensive trading experience made an effect. They shared their experiences and skills with each other.

By the end of the day the audience arrived at a common view that holding such trainings provides an opportunity to bring the quality of service in Pridnestrovie to a higher level.

Some participants shared with us their impressions of the training:

 Polina, Biscuit Shop

Today’s training was very productive. Besides I was at such an event for the first time. This knowledge will help me in my work with clients. The most important thing that I lerned for myself, and what my weak point is the moment of dispute and handling with objections. I have to work on this. Everything else is perfect. The event went well. We have learnt a lot of useful information and watched a lot of visual material. The customers  are now a motley crew. Therefore it is usefull for a seller to be in different situations so that he could handle them. By the way, we’ve been working out a situation at the seminar that I often encountered but I was sure that I behaved incorrectly in it. Because of this I was even often fined by my chiefs. But it turned out that I did everything right. When a customer came to buy a product that I didn’t have in stock I often forwarded for it to a competitor. The management was not very satisfied with it, but then the customer often returned to our store. Now I feel even easier about this.

Dmitry, TIRAET

The conversation was quite interesting, lively. We have watched many examples of video materials. It is very important. Am I going to use it further in my work?

Not only I will, but I will certainly try to convey this information to my employees. I have attended such events before and this is a reinforcement of the existing knowledge. All my expectations from the training were met.

 Olga, Biscuit shop

I have attended such trainings before and I like this one. The material was available and the framing format was interesting. I knew that material so I remembered a lot of things that I had already forgotten, but now I’ll definitely start practicing it. I really enjoyed that it wasn’t boring I didn’t want to sleep it was very interesting there were a lot of interesting tasks and in general everything was great.