Roman Payuk, the head of LLC “Nasha marka”: trade fair “Buy Pridnestrovian!” is direct contact with a customer”

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8 fairs were held throughout Pridnestrovie in 2018 under the auspices of the “Buy Pridnestrovian!” project. We wrote about it more than once. And this year there will be more fairs! And the first one is around the corner… But for now, that’s not what this is about.

A great number of enterprises have been taking part in all project events since its announcement, but also there are some of them who has joined us since the second year of the project and who have already felt the effect. One of such companies is LLC “Nasha marka”.

The main activity of the firm is production of uncooked meat products, including vinegar-pickled meats, pelmeni and vareniki.

Roman Vasilyevich Payuk, the head of the company shared with us his projects’ expectations. The main goal of it is to present themselves all around PMR, not only in Tiraspol, improve their product and company recognition, boost sales.

“Recognition of our products has improved, and the other advantages of “Buy Pridnestrovian!” fairs that is we have a direct contact with consumer. Because, when cooperate with some shop, we work with a seller or with its owner and we don’t see a consumer.   People who recognized our products said that they saw it in “Buy Pridnestrovian” fairs and then they came back to buy it, – explained Roman Vasilyevich, – Thus, we got our own consumers in different parts of our country.     Specialist stores are located only in Tiraspol, but we’re thinking of opening it in other cities.  In that same Rybnitsa people ask to have our products on a regular basis”.  

According to the head of the company, another important aspect of fairs is that there they can “master” a new product and know the views of people about it.

“There are goods that we’re afraid to sale through the distribution network, we don’t know people’s opinion about it, including their opinion about its trade dress and taste. Therefore, in fairs we, first of all, can hear people’s view about it trade dress and we can see whether people buy it or not. And then, when meeting people again at weekend markets we can get to know whether they like our products or not.  And after that, we, having master the form and quality of a product, deliver it to the distribution network. As a result, we received a great deal of information at the fairs, which we’re still processing and trying to use in production”.

“I am convinced that goods produced in our republic are just as good as analogue of foreign production, and often are better. And that why we support the implementation of the “buy Pridnestrovian!” project and intend to continue to participate in fairs”, – summed up the head of LLC “Nasha marka”, Roman Payuk.

The success of “Buy Pridnestrovian!” project residents is the success for all of us.

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