Transnistrian businessmen visited the International Trade Agro-industrial Exhibition in Turkey

21-25 марта делегация из Приднестровья посетила Международную торговую агропромышленную выставку в городе Конья, Турция (15th International Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization and Field Technologies Fair  или Konya Agriculture 2017).

Today Konya is the economic center of a rich agricultural and industrial region. Here, leather, cotton and silk products are manufactured, cement, aluminum and agricultural fertilizers are produced.

Visitors of the exhibition were presented the latest achievements of science and technology in the agricultural sector, including in the field of agricultural machinery, crop production, irrigation, agrarian chemistry, agricultural technologies, etc.

The event became a unified platform for various specialists and producers. Agricultural mechanization, technologies for greenhouses, horticulture, floriculture, ecological agriculture, farming, irrigation systems, chemicals and fertilizers, equipment and various services for agriculture were presented at the exhibition.

The exhibition in Konya has become an excellent platform for finding new business partners and ready solutions in the agricultural sector.