The first team of certified consultants in the field of business development in Pridnestrovie

The start of the consultants ‘ training program was given in January this year.

A total of 25 specialists were selected for training under this programme in a UNDP project funded by the European Union. However, not everyone has become certified business consultants.

The whole cycle of this program consisted of training, coaching and certification.

The consultants ‘ training programme consisted of five modules and included topics such as:

Change management

  • presentation skills
  • negotiation skills
  • mediation and conflict management skills
  • intercultural management
  • social responsibility and Responsibilities of key subjects
  • quality Management
  • environmental control
  • certification and management of food safety and other

Each participant at the beginning of his studies chose the direction of business consulting and developed this project during 5 months.

Also during the entire training program, participants were provided with coaching to develop a consulting case.

After successful completion of the training program and preparation of the individual consulting case, the participants were admitted to the certification hearing.

This exam helped to determine whether the participant meets the highest standards of consulting services. Accredited organization ICMCI (International Council of Management consulting institutes) has awarded to the participants, successfully passed the examination, the high title of “Certified Management consultant”.

The solemn completion of the training program was the presentation of the international certificate CMC-Certified Management Consultant.

Trained specialists, in various areas of business consultancy, will contribute to a new, higher level of quality consulting services in the local market, which will allow local companies to improve their international Competitiveness through the introduction of international business management practices.

According to the participants of the trainer, business-consultant, Elena Peacock thinks when entrepreneurs began to actively use consulting services: “Business consultant is always ready to come to the rescue in a crisis situation, to develop a reliable and effective development strategy of the firm, or even just give a really good advice. “