Reloading the project Buy Pridnestrovian in 2019

Yesterday, on May 16, a meeting of the organizing committee for the “Buy Pridnestrovian”  project was held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the PMR.

The organizing committee includes representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and the Public Administrations of towns and districts.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of the PMR.

The project results of 2017-2018 and this year planned activities were presented to the project organizing committee members.

Over the past 2 years a lot of work has been done by specialists of the Ministry of Economic Development, the media, State administrations of cities and districts, the Ministry of Agriculture of the PMR and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

  • The corporate identity and brand book of the project were formed;
  • A large-scale media campaign was held;
  • 16 exhibitions and fairs were held in all cities of the republic;
  • 6 round tables “Trade Dialogues” were held;
  • Numerous product tastings were held in retail chains in Tiraspol, Bender and Rybnitsa;
  • 50 commodity producers and 141 trade outlets became residents of the project;
  • Consumer preferences researches were conducted annually;
  • A section of the project was created on the CCI website, and similar pages on social networks.

The results of the work undertaken are the following:

  • More than 45 thousand of Pridnestrovian people visited the fairs;
  • Income from sold production came out at more than 4.8 million rubles;
  • 33% of trade fair visitors have discovered a new domestic product or a new manufacturer;
  • On average about 70 enterprises, firms, foreign businesses and private farms participated in trade fairs.

2019 is the year of new products

This year the main focus will be on expanding the range of local products on the domestic market. Special support will be given to companies that have begun production of new products.

An information campaign will be launched on the new products of the project participants on the website of the PMR Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on the project pages and on social networks, as well as in the Transnistria newspaper.

New products within the fairs will be marked with a special signs.

At the end of the year the most active enterprises introducing new products will be announced in the framework of the Pridnestrovian quality competition.

In addition to traditional events this year the project’s action plan includes the following actions:

  • A series of reports “How  it’s made in Pridnestrovie”;
  • Distribution of special signs for new products;
  • “Retail with a Pridnestrovian accent” retail workers training in order to form a Prodnestrovian style of customer service with an emphasis on the priority sale of local goods. The first training will be held on May 21 in the central office of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Berry Festival (Tiraspol, June 1);
  • Festival of wine and grapes (Bender Fortress, October 12);
  • Thematic photo zones and social media contests among trade fair visitors;
  • The Republican paintings and drawings contest on the topic “Buy Pridnestrovian” starting on June 1.

 Buy Pridnestrovian products – think about the future!

 The first actions of the project will be taken very soon!

We invite all citizens and guests of the Republic to visit:

  • May 21 – training “Retail sales with a Pridnestrovian accent”
  • May 26 – the first exhibition-fair “Buy Pridnestrovian products!” which will be held on Businessman’s Day on May 26 in the capital park “Pobeda” from 8.00 to 14.00
  • June 1 – Berry Festival also in “Pobeda” park from 8.00 to 13.00