LLC “KALITA” is the resident of the project “Buy Pridnestrovian!”

Покупай приднестровское

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“Kalita” has been working at the Pridnestrovian market for 16 years since April 2002.

The basic kind of activity of the company is production of workwear and special clothing.

All the products are produced in accordance with state standards. While the major priorities of the company are good quality and consumers comfort.

Today 12 people are working in the garment manufacturer. One of them is young specialist who only has finished university this year.

“Kalita” has been taking part in the project “Buy Pridnestrovian!” since the very beginning of its announcement. Moreover, according to the company management it was the project that gave the new stage in development of production. Exactly since that time production of home and casual clothing for men, women and children has been started.

Assortment of goods  is continually growing. And only green fabrics are always used for production. Care of clients for the company management comes first. Notably that Pridnestrovian enterprises such as “Tirotex”, “Vita Textiles” and etc. also work as  suppliers of raw materials for the company.

In my opinion a key to the success is good specialists who are interested in and love their job” – Svetlana Kolomachenko, LLC “Kalita” manager.   

Every year students of Tiraspol Business and Consumer Services College and Moscow Institute of Business and Law do an internship at the company. The company controls its dynamic development constantly improving its output products and creating job opportunities.

It’s important to mention that a compony shop of the garment manufacturer “Kalita” will be opened very shortly. The wide assortment of workwear, home and casual clothing will be represented there.