Businessman from Italy is planning to develop his business in Pridnestrovie

A businessman from Italy, one of the largest landowners of Dubossary region Roberto Guardigli is planning to develop his business in Pridnestrovie by investing money in the new projects.

Nowadays LLC «Lender Agroprim» cultivates over 9 thousand hectares of farmlands in the region. Italian businessman started working here in 2007. Experienced farmer decided to try to realize his abilities in Pridnestovie’s lands.

There were a lot of abandoned and uncultivated lands in Dubossary region in that time. The owner of LLC «Lender Agroprim» Roberto Guardigli held the most part of the lands by lease and started cereal cropping. Over several years the businessman invested in agricultural production 4,5 million euro by buying new machines and equipment for partial renewal of reclamation.

The businessman said, that during 10 years in Pridnestrovie he had not only to invest money and develop his business but face difficulties.

«In that time the policy was unstable to do business, the prices of products were changed often, rates for watering were doubled. It was hard to plan as midterm as well long-term outlook. I hope, that now the situation in the Republic is getting better, the new laws are enacting which allow to entice new investors», — said the head of LLC «Lender Agroprim» Roberto Guardigli.

Apart from traditional cultivars of cereals – winter barley, wheat along with corn, rape and sunflower the «Lender Agroprim» tries to cultivate new kinds of samples such as pea, flax, chickpea which are in favor in the European market. Besides growing cereals, the businessman started building a complex for storing products, its processing and packing.

2 million and 300 thousand of euro were invested for the realization of the first phase of the project – building of the lift conveyor for the storing of 16 tons of cereals – only during last year. The building was equipped with new fire-fighting system and power supply system. More than 650 euro thousand are needed to invest to finish the first phase. The businessman’s plan is to finish the assembling of the row for processing of the products and its by-products.

«We’re going to build a canteen for our personnel, a wholesale store where anybody can buy cereals at affordable prices like on a seasonal fair. Also we’re planning to buy modern automatic system for operating. It’ll allow us use it more effectively, make crop yield maps and count automatically expenditures for technical phases of cultivating works», — said Roberto Guardigli.

The Italian farmer hopes that due to the new law about investments, those who started investing early in developing of business in Pridnestrovie, will also receive state support. Only during last three years LLC «Lender Agroprim» paid 19 million roubles to the various levels of budget of the republic.

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