News of CCI member enterprises: “Bosch Car Service opened on the basis of Koleso specialized auto-center”

For 20 years the Koleso auto maintenance company provides quality service and carries all before one for car enthusiasts

On May 14 the opening of an authorized automobile center Bosch Car Service took place on the basis of this enterprise. The welcome ceremony was attended by guests from the company Bosch who came from Kiev.


Among the invited were representatives of the Presidential Administration, ministries and departments of Pridnestrovie, heads of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pridnestrovie and the Association of Transport Workers and Road Workers of Pridnestrovie, partners from the special center from Chisinau, as well as heads of transport departments of the Supreme Council of Pridnestrovie the Government and Pridnestrovian enterprises also were among the invited.

The Koleso special center has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for many years and we are happy to follow its progress.

It took almost two years to fulfill all the conditions set by Bosch company and successfully pass authorization.

So to succeed the center was equipped with the most modern universal diagnostic and repair machinery which allows to serve cars of any brand that only exist in the European, American and Asian markets, regardless of the configuration and year of  manufacture.

Modern Bosch software was installed, as well as an information system that guarantees a systematic approach to vehicle diagnostics and qualified repair work In addition; even Bosch corporate standards for external and internal design were fulfilled. And the technical staff of course received the appropriate qualifications which will be regularly confirmed at the Bosch training center.

Bosch is world-famous not only as a leader in the production of modern household appliances but also as the largest manufacturer of spare parts and supplier of technologies and services. Today the Bosch Service network founded in 1921 is one of the world’s largest service station networks. While working in the network auto service receives the standards of external and internal design.

Another important aspect of the Bosch Car Service philosophy is that the list of auto service should be “from bumper to bumper”. Maybe that’s why more than 125 countries in the world are using high-quality services of Bosch Service Company.

And now, professional service with a systematic approach to car maintenance has become available for Pridnestrovian car owners.