A lot of new products were presented at the Berry Festival

The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Yury Ganin emphasized following in his opening speech to the participants and visitors of the Berry Festival:

“The main goal of the project “Buy Pridnestrovian!” and the Berry Festival is to introduce into the mass consciousness of Pridnestrovian people simple and at the same time profound ideas of the project:

  • buying Pridnestrovian is beneficial for everyone
  • buying Pridnestrovian we strengthen our enterprises;
  • buying Pridnestrovian we do not invest in the development of enterprises in other countries;
  • buying Pridnestrovian we create jobs, we raise wages for our parents grandparents brothers and sisters.

buying Pridnestrovian,  in the end, we also ensure the development of the public sector, because it is from here that new income is generated for pensioners, and for schools, and for hospitals. ” The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry also marked that for the project “Buy Pridnestrovian!” the current year was declared the Year of New Products.

The innovations of the participants of the berry festival will be discussed further.

ZAO Tiraspol Bakery Plant (CJSC) pleased visitors of the festival with its new products under the SLADA trademark. These cookies are 100% natural Chia cookies made without preservatives and dyes, Smuglyanka chocolate cookies with walnuts and prunes, CHARODEYKA cookies with cranberries nuts and chocolate icing rich in vitamin C which improves the appetite and cheers up!!

Next to the bakery there is a Shafran cafe-confectionery – one of the most popular sweets manufacturers in Tiraspol. Especially for the Berry Festival confectioners of Shafran made new festive products Zaichik bunny shaped cake and Grib mushroom shaped cake.

Protyagaylovskiye Sausages as usual pleased with the abundance of new products among sausages and meat semi-finished products. This time the line of new dry-cured products was presented they were pork and turkey fillet.

Of course the Agrosem LLC exhibition pavilion was crowded, considering it  put up at the Berry Festival 2 tons of strawberries for sale. This year among their assortment there are 2 new varieties of strawberries Marmalade and Clery.

The Jeton Pavilion was interested in new products for various purposes. Jeton Company provides a wide range of services – from ready-made home renovation to the production of any kind of metal, wood and plasters products. The company’s exhibition occupied a large territory, where children’s exercise machines, summer-house, outdoor furniture, swings, etc. were presented.

The festival was also attended by many individual entrepreneurs. One of the most popular among visitors, especially young ones, was the stand of Stanislav Porkun. He offered all visitors to the festival new Thai ice cream for Pridnestrovie. A cafe where you can buy it any other day just recently opened in Tiraspol.

From berries you can still make a lot of interesting things, except for desserts, for example, liqueur. It was the blackberry, currant, and raspberry liquor that were presented to the visitors of the festival by the Sadki hacienda.

Throughout the year all new products of the participants in the project “Buy Pridnestrovian!” will be marked with the index Speciality 2019. So everyone will notice the expansion of the range of domestic enterprises. Do not miss you too!

Buy Pridnestovian – think about the future!