“Kalita” opened a company shop

“It’s more than a job, it’s love!”

Those exact words of Svetlana Kolomachenko stuck in memory after her greeting speech during the opening of the company shop “Kalita”.

From today workwear and home clothing of high quality by “Kalita” can be bought in Tiraspol at the address Korolenko lane, 2.

The assortment of the shop includes bathrobes, body shirts, pyjamas, sundresses, men underwear, working clothes, scrubs, winter jackets and snow pants, mittens.

Products of the garment factory “Vestra” also will be sold there at the price of its company shop.

“Kalita” has been working at Pridnestrovian market for 16 years since April 2002. The major priorities of the company are good quality and consumers comfort.

The company is one of the most active residents of the project “Buy Pridnestrovian!” and constant participant of project’s fairs.

“Kalita” has been taking part in the project “Buy Pridnestrovian!” since the very begging of its announcement. Moreover, according to the management of the company it was the project that gave the new stage in development of company’s production. Exactly since that time production of home and casual clothing for men, women and children has been organized.

“I’m very grateful to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. When they dragged us out and made us to trade in fairs I understood that our products are high-demand” – “Kalita” manager Svetlana Kolomachenko said.  – It’s my daughter’s idea to open a shop. After finishing course at the CCI Business School she came home and said: “That’s it! We open a shop!” There were a lot of arguments, clashes. But I’m happy that then I decided to make way for the young. They think differently and creatively. That’s why then I listened to my daughter”.

Svetlana tell about her future plans the following: “I want to bring up a deserving generation, to young people continue to work on this land and not leave our country. Now we in cooperation with a technical school are designing a project of new designs which students will produce. They will be designers as well as makers. We will support them in the form of providing materials. Their products will be sold in our shop. We make it for children to feel that they can do anything, to continue to develop in this sphere.  And it’s possible that in the near future we will open shops in Bendery and Kamenka”.