Exhibition-fair «Buy Pridnestrovian!» in Slobodzia

Today, 19 August, the fourth exhibition, «Buy Pridnestrovian!» has already been held, this time in Slobodzia.

A single symbol gathered 64 Pridnestrovian enterprises, all of which provided a variety of goods and services to the population.

These are foodstuffs and agricultural products, industrial goods, footwear and clothing, textiles, office supplies, souvenirs, local artisans, furniture.

Representatives of ancillary farms of the Slobodzeya district also participated in the exhibition.

The traditional ending of the exhibition, «Buy Pridnestrovian!» was to transfer the rolling symbol of the project from Slobodzeya to Kamenka: the head of the state administration of the Slobodzeya district and the city of Slobozia Vasily Tishchenko handed over the relay Vladimir Vladimirovich Bychkovu, head of the state administration of the Kamenka district and the city of Kamenka.