Shoe Firm Tighina is a resident of the project “Buy Transnistrian!”

Покупай Приднестровское

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The “Tighina” shoe firm is the largest producer of male, female and child footwear of different directions and styles: everyday, recreational and comfort. The factory uses German expertise in its production by using the polyurethane injection method of production.

The products of the Tighina shoe firm have the following advantages: 

  • Comfort and reliability;
  • The use of natural materials: the natural skin of the top and the lining, the wool, the natural fur;
  • Compliance with hygienic and anatomical standards;
  •  Ease, elasticity of the sole of polyurethane, endurance.

The enterprise is widely modern and adopts new footwear technologies: we have developed membrane footwear, with increased comfort and protection against adverse weather conditions. Tighina produces footwear for safe work or high-tech footwear with a bi-component membrane manufactured on different density footbed and moulded soles through the direct injection of polyurethane.

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Our firm was awarded a certificate of compliance with the standards of item 9001:2008, thus confirming compliance with the quality management system.

From the beginning of the Republican competition, the “Transnistrian quality” of “Tighina” is a permanent participant, and diplomas are awarded annually. In 2013, Tighina became the winner of the “Best product Year” nomination.


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