(Russian) Международная выставка оборудования для текстильной промышленности, одежды, текстиля и аксессуаров

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We invite you to the 16th International Exhibition of agricultural machinery, which will be held from 20 to 24 March, 2018 in Konya, Turkey. Partial funding is provided!

The show in Konya is the largest exhibition of agricultural machinery in Turkey. The total area of the exhibition will be 86,000 sq. m (66,000 sq. m closed and 20,000 sq. m. Open areas). In 2017, the exhibition was attended by 402 companies and representative offices of companies from 17 countries; The exhibition was attended by 304,527 specialists from 55 countries.

galeri_big_16[1]The exhibition includes  agricultural machines, tractors, trailers, planting machinery, harvesting machines, sowing machinery, ploughs, drills, harrows, beet machines, pneumatic, rake, equipment for collecting and Silage processing, shredders, cleaning machines, agricultural dehumidifiers, cranes, garden appliances, winemaking equipment, and much more.